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Connecting Smart Products

Finding the right technology to connect products was not easy. The challenges here are gateway architectures, power consumption for WiFi or LTE, missing indoor coverage, and, of course, the running costs for data transmission and operations.

Offered by global mobile network operators, Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) overcomes all of these technical and commercial limitations:
  • Gateway not required
  • Low-costs for data transfer and hardware
  • Secure and carrier-grade operations

Over 100 million devices connected by
NB-IoT already

You are looking for a reliable, affordable infrastructure to sent your telemetry data globally, including rural areas and even basements? You don't trust unregulated infrastructures like WiFi and LoRa and know that activation quota destroys your business plan? Then think about NB-IoT being the perfect choice on your way to connect your smart product.

NB-IoT has been rolled out in more than 100 countries already. This gives vendors the opportunity to use one single standard to connect their products worldwide – NB-IoT. Vodafone is seen as the number 1 provider by Gartner and proves an excellent global coverage in 20 countries.

The partnership of Vodafone and grandcentrix provides access to global coverage, seamless provisioning and billing processes as well as tailored tariff options to suit the business plans of large roll-outs.

Have a look at the countries where NB-loT is available

Key features:

  • Low power operations and basement coverage
  • NB-IoT deployed by 93 network operators globally
  • Vodafone NB-IoT service covers over 20 markets
  • Seamless provisioning and billing
  • Bespoke tariffing options
  • Connectivity available
  • Connectivity available soon

NB-IoT coverage in Germany

Good news: The network for secure and reliable data transfer is provided in Germany, too. Vodafone Germany has activated NB-IoT on 100% of its LTE base stations, thus providing NB-IoT coverage to over 98% of all households in Germany since the beginning of 2020.

NB-IoT coverage Germany powered by

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