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Cellular Edge Board for NB-IoT

Multiple physical interfaces, industry-grade communication module, and a pre-built MicroPhython software stack to adapt to your specific protocols easily: Cellular Twin hardware lets your product transmit telemetry and location data hassle-free.

Cellular Edge Board contains everything you need for professional NB-IoT data transmission:

Modem, Microcontroller, SIM, plugs, and connectors along with a proven software stack for protocol integration and over-the-air software updates. It can be fitted into existing products and production processes immediately.

Our hardware’s specials:

  • Universal interfaces
  • Expandable
  • Small footprint
  • Matching software stack

1) Modem + Microcontroller

2) Plug for GPS antenna (optional)

3) Connector for Daughterboard (2x)

4) Plug for cellular antenna


6) Customer connector


We have seen a large variety of physical interfaces across different producs. That's why we have equipped Cellular Twin to support the most common industrial choices, from simple analog and digital ports to TTL-UART interfaces.

Check out the digital and analog ports of Cellular Twin’s mainboard:
  • 4 digital in
  • 2 digital out
  • 4 analog in


Sometimes the standard set of interfaces just does not fit your requirements. Whether additional physical interfaces or sensors are needed: Cellular Twin's mainboard can be extended by a daughterboard to support even more industry standards to suit your needs for integration.

The following interfaces are supported already:
  • RS485 (modbus)
  • PLC
  • I²C
  • SPI


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