Make YOUR device
talk NB-IoT

Bespoke integration along with the proven Cellular Twin communication stack.

Turnkey integration service

Every product is unique and comes with specific physical interfaces, often proprietary protocols as well as individual data schemes. Generally, this makes it hard to use standardized offerings. Hence we are offering proven integration services to connect products with the Cellular Twin communication stack.

We take responsibility: No matter if you desire a proof of concept or aim for mass production, we help you to integrate your product with the Cellular Twin communication stack.

What you get:

  • Integration support
  • Multiple physical interfaces
  • Proprietary protocols and data schemes
  • End-to-end communication stack

Benefits you will appreciate

Reduce Costs

Get integration done for a fixed price. Switch CAPEX to OPEX.

Reduce Time

Get integration done in a defined time-frame. Show benefits and get decisions faster.

Reduce Risk

Start with the experience of multiple successful integrations, not from scratch.

Get in touch with our experts

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Product Manager

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