Have YOUR devices' data in your backend

After the integration of the Cellular Twin Board, your job is done already!

Smart cloud integration

We provide end-to-end: Cellular Twin communication stack provides everything you need to deliver data to the backend – hardware, embedded software, middleware, and cloud connectors. Now it's easy to get the value of your data.

Cellular Twin is an end-to-end solution, off the shelf. Thus if you run on Azure IoT services or Azure Sphere, your job is already done due to native support. Do you use a different platform? Our solution is designed for it, too. Whether alternative data lakes, dashboards, SAP or others: Our Middleware API lets you access your telemetry data seamlessly – into any backend.

What you get:

  • End-to-end communication stack
  • Protocol agnostic data transfer
  • Native support of Azure IoT
  • API for access to telemetry data

Benefits you will appreciate

Support for any cloud

API provides easy access: Get data into your system – whichever one you use.

Seamless integration

Don't worry about communication protocols or SIM pairing – it's already done for you.

Native Azure IoT

You run your data on Azure – in this case integration comes out of the box.

Reliability and scalability

Smooth processes and data security are important to us, especially for your dynamic processes: For this purpose, we have built teams that ensure reasonable operation as well as a security team that specializes in continuous end-to-end security. With Azure IoT in particular, we offer a scalable IoT solution that dynamically adapts to the growth of your projects.

Prepared for your growth:
  • Fully integrated in Vodafone NB-IoT provisioning and billing
  • Security / data protection
  • On-demand scaling
  • 24/7 operations

Get in touch with our experts

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Product Manager

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