Made to scale

Cost-effectiveness and proven quality for global roll-out.

Integrated into production processes

Cellular Twin is designed to fit into your production process. It can be provided as a boxed or blueprint component to suit your needs. Most important, we provide "Digital Identity Provisioning", a provisioning process that unites digital and physical IDs. So besides hardware and software, you get processes to give your product its digital identity. Automated.

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Benefits you will appreciate

Digital identity

Uniting digital and physical IDs for clear assignments.

Mass manufacturing

Production readiness due to certified hardware and proven processes.

End-of-line testing

Ensuring quality standards through reliable testing of your product's functions.

End-to-end testing for your production line

Smart products require additional testing to ensure that the identity and software-part works as designed and that the complete product is ready for distribution.

Servicing end-of-line testing

Producing a smart product successfully also means an increased number of functions that need to be tested. Our support for end-of-line tests extends your already in-placed test suite with a variety of options.

We support automated tests that are started from your device and establish a network connection as well as manual tests that require staff interaction.

Optional services for production process:
  • Consulting and test specification
  • PKI infrastructure for security
  • Identity and software-testing integrated into your production line
  • Cellular provisioning and connectivity testing if necessary

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