Connect YOUR product
as proof of concept

Don't talk – show! The best way to convince your management.

Demonstrate feasibility of your smart idea


Get the package including

  • 10 mainboards
  • 10 x NB-IoT connectivity
  • SIM card (6 months duration)
  • Firmware integration
  • Cloud integration

We prefer to put things into practice – so if you want to see your product sending telemetry data to your cloud, this is the package for you.

How does it work? After a quick feasibility check, we will provide you with 10 equipped products within a few weeks – ready to go and completely integrated. That's it.

Cellular Twin communication stack covers 90% of the effort already, leaving only about 10% of integration work. This makes a proof of concept easy, fast, and lets you focus on how to add value for your customers. And best: If you like to continue to mass manufacturing, you simply use the same stack already in use.

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